About DNC

a law firm like no other …
a Law Firm that Best Serves the Needs of its Clients and Society …
doing the best it can …
in serving its clients with ingenuity-efficiency, in the most effective way.
in educating young Indonesian advocates, to be better people and better professionals.
in contributing to society.

Established in 1994 and eventually becoming "DNC advocates at work" - an institution, in and through which all its advocates, at work, together, doing the best they can, are serving the needs of its clients and society. Non ministrari sed ministrare - not to be ministered unto, but to minister -  to love, to care, and to be in the service of people.

Like no other, DNC advocates at work chooses to be lean (with up to 25 advocates) in doing the right things and doing things right to get to where DNC advocates at work wants to be … Majesty in Miniature. Advocates at work at DNC are all Indonesian nationals. All are trained to hold themselves to the highest standard of professional ethics and integrity, have unparalleled knowledge and expertise of the Indonesian law and legal system, and be familiar with all aspects and levels of Indonesian business and society.

Like no other, advocates at work at DNC talk the talk and walk the walk. They understand each individual client’s business-commercial needs, know-work with Indonesian law as it is written-practised rather than how it is translated-perceived; know-deal with people – including ‘who’s who’; and do-experience things. Advocates at work at DNC are highly creative in finding solutions that work; daring to try new things and take new approaches; make things right - make things work … and get the right things done.

Advocates at work at DNC have deep knowledge-understanding of the law, society, and each client’s commercial concerns-objectives; have creativity and passion to excel; and have service-oriented mindsets that are of benefit to their clients, in particular foreign clients operating within, and doing business in or with, Indonesia. Getting the right legal result in Indonesia is never a matter of luck. It is a matter of choosing the right people, the right partner, to work with. Advocates at work at DNC are the right people to get the right things done.

Like no other, DNC advocates at work limits the number of clients that it serves, to best serves the needs of its clients, and to build-sustain long-term relationship with its clients. DNC advocates at work adopts partnership-oriented services with enhanced communication, high expectations, mutual respect, commitment, equality and advocacy. The results are enduring professional relationships … partnerships in deed not in words … relationships and partnerships that work.

Like no other, DNC advocates at work goes digital into the cloud (infrastructure service), using cloud-based practice management-accounting and cloud-based document-email management. Advocates at work at DNC can access their work anywhere, anytime, with speed and efficiency, enabling them to respond and collaborate with their clients constantly while at the same time meeting higher security and compliance requirements from their high value clients.

Like no other, DNC advocates at work makes substantial (i.e., more than 20%) equity pledges for social-charitable causes, and encourages advocates at work at DNC to also contribute to society by giving them paid time off for volunteering and community service, and freedom to pursue their own cause passions. DNC advocates at work itself – and through Yayasan (Foundation) DNC advocates at work – focuses on, and doing the best it can, serving and empowering women and children, especially children with special needs, that are disabled or that are terminally ill.

The letters "DNC" are inter-locked to show camaraderie among its people: advocates-staff, and placed at the bottom left with the lowest part passing the paper line to show DNC advocates at work and its people are humble, grounded and rooted. The color green symbolizes life, energy, harmony, fertility, growth, freshness; and the color yellow-gold symbolizes love, honor, loyalty, happiness, wisdom, compassion, passion, intellect, clarity, courage. They are the colors and the philosophy of bamboo, which are all the qualities of the soul of man and of nature epitomized.


Advocates at work at DNC excel in whatever area of practice they choose to work. They see the big picture, yet know the finer points of law. They combine extensive legal knowledge, sound business judgment and the highest ethical standards. They think commercially and examine each client’s legal issues, business transactions and disputes from unconventional angles to develop an integrated approach that is tailored to the client’s specific needs to help the client accomplish its commercial and strategic objectives.

DNC advocates at work’s collegial style and pragmatic, straightforward and collaborative approach provide smart-practical solutions, comprehensive transaction advice and execution on increasingly intricate transactions, and efficient-effective representation of clients’ interests.

DNC advocates at work offers invaluable insight into clients’ expectations-considerations, develops ingenious solutions to critical commercial challenges and for unique transaction objectives, efficiently-effectively.



Corporate actions and transactions are the key attributes of the modern commercial world, and contracts represent the foundation of modern commercial relationships.

DNC advocates at work’s in-depth knowledge of corporate law and contract law best serve the needs of its clients in commercial collaborations, complex transactions and financing, including joint ventures, equity-debt (public-private) offerings, corporate finance, corporate structuring-restructuring, debt restructuring, (self-)liquidation, and bankruptcy. DNC advocates at work also has deep knowledge of Indonesian generally accepted accounting principles and taxation; understanding of the business climate and dynamics involved; and a lot of creativity.

Like no other, DNC advocates at work’s partnership with its clients enables it to work together with its clients on a broad range of general corporate issues, which has contributed greatly to its understanding of its clients’ businesses. This in turn has considerably enhanced its ability to assist its clients on transactional, and even on litigation, matters.

Clients entrust DNC advocates at work to join a deal team at the outset, to develop-implement their vision and business plan, deriving value from DNC advocates at work’s creative tax-efficient structuring of deals, anticipation of legal-regulatory complications, and elimination-mitigation of risks. These are the core of DNC advocates at work’s services: value-added quality of work it does and its value-based approach to work.


Finance and Banking

Financial services are the backbone of business, integrating sectors such as finance, banking, asset management, insurance and private equity.

DNC advocates at work has comprehensive knowledge of financial instruments used in a variety of circumstances and at all levels of the capital structure. Thus, DNC advocates at work has the capability to provide the highest quality advice to its clients in all types of financing transactions, with respect to every aspect of complex financings and financial restructuring, and to execute corporate and financial restructurings.

DNC advocates at work excels in product development, deal structuring-restructuring due to DNC advocates at work’s in-depth knowledge of Indonesian laws-regulations, and familiarity with the regulatory environment and the transactions business, as well as accounting and taxation aspects-practices.

DNC advocates at work understands that almost all financial products that are to be marketed in Indonesia to Indonesian entities-individuals have been designed, created and structured within the frame work of the common law system, while Indonesian law belongs to the civil law system.  Moreover, there has been a lack of regulation on the specifics and the taxation of those products so that, often, adjustments are required-necessitated to those products to determine how each of those products should be presented-marketed so as to comply with the principles-provisions of Indonesian law and any regulatory restrictions-limitations.


Capital Markets and Securities

DNC advocates at work prefers to apply its knowledge of, and familiarity with, capital markets and securities laws-regulations in advising and assisting its clients in the product development, which broadens the type of financial assets available to investors and provides the market with access to certain types of investors. DNC advocates at work prefers to take and do legal works that require extensive use of analytical ability and creativity compared to legal audit work or other labor intensive work.

Historically, DNC has been at the forefront of legal innovation in the capital market. Immediately after the promulgation of the 1995 Capital Market Law, DNC advised-assisted Danareksa Investment Management in the incorporation of the first mutual funds in the form of collective investment contracts (i.e., Anggrek, Melati and Mawar in 1996) and the conversion of Danareksa’s Series A - F quasi-mutual funds into those mutual funds. 

The contract drafted by DNC became the standard contract for the establishment of the mutual fund in the form of a collective investment contract.  In 1997, DNC provided a significant contribution to the creation of the concept and scheme for the use of the collective investment contract mutual fund in asset securitization known as ‘KIK-EBA’ (Asset Backed Securities - Collective Investment Contract).

In early 1990s, DNC advised-assisted Citibank in the first securitization of credit card receivables, involved in PT Astra Sedaya Finance’s first securitization of auto loan receivables, and worked together with Bear Stearns in developing toll road securitization. These are mentioned because DNC advocates at work believes that: Securitization is the Financial Instrument of the Future, for Indonesia, in particular for her infrastructure financing and banking sector.


Mergers and Acquisitions

DNC advocates at work’s partnership-relationship and works with its clients results in DNC advocates at work’s sophistication and grasp of complex structures. These combined with its in-depth knowledge of Indonesian laws-regulations, and familiarity with accounting and taxation make DNC advocates at work capable of designing tax‑efficient structures for mergers, spin‑offs, joint ventures and intricate private equity acquisitions.

DNC advocates at work, working closely with its client, has worked in a creative acquisition, fully leveraging the assets of the target company and strategizing and manoeuvring against competing prospective acquirers.


Dispute Resolutions

DNC advocates at work’s skills and experience in dispute resolutions provide its clients with a reliable and trusted partner in mitigating and managing risk, in managing the critical situation prior or leading to any formal proceedings, and in resolving their disputes. DNC advocates at work strives to quickly resolve its clients’ issues with minimal disruption to their business. DNC advocates at work provides its clients with protection and defense from parties who have no hesitation in misusing the Indonesian legal system for their own benefits.

In foreign arbitration proceedings, DNC has worked as the Indonesian counsel of one of the parties or as an Indonesian law expert witness. Advocate at work at DNC (P.D.D. Dermawan) represented the Government of the Province of East Kalimantan in its claims against PT Kaltim Prima Coal, Rio Tinto PLC, BP PLC cum suis before the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) (ICSID Case No ARB/07/3). That was the first time in ICSID’s history that a provincial government, not a state, was registered as a party in its arbitration proceedings.

P.D.D. Dermawan, assisted by Deila Taslim, Dwina Oktifani, Marcia Tanudjaja and Richele Suwita, and worked together with: Mr. Amir Syamsuddin (then Minister of Law and Human Rights) and his confidant Mr. Cahyo R. Muzhar; Mr. Awang Faroek Ishak (Regent of East Kutai 2006 – 2008 and Governor of East Kalimantan 2008 – 2018) and his staff; Mr. Isran Noor (Regent of East Kutai 2009 – 2015) and his staff; officials from Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Attorney General office and Investment Coordinating Board; and Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP team led by Ms. Claudia Frutos-Peterson and Mr. Mark H. O’Donoghue, successfully defended the Republic of Indonesia from claims amounting to US$1.315 billion filed by Churchill Mining PLC and Planet Mining Pty Ltd before ICSID (ICSID Case No. ARB/12/14 and 12/40).

In spite of its general policy not to take on litigation works, from time to time, depending on the importance of the matter being litigated and only for special clients, DNC advocates at work does litigate before courts. DNC worked on the first derivative litigation in Indonesia in 1995, and was also involved in the litigation of the same matter before the High Court of Justice, Queen’s Bench Division, Commercial Court, London.  DNC worked on (for debtor and won) the first bankruptcy litigation after the promulgation of the 1998 Amendment to the 1905 Bankruptcy Regulations.

With its expertise of Indonesian law, its experience in dealing with the Indonesian legal system, as well as its familiarity with all aspects and levels of Indonesian society and business, DNC advocates at work is in the best position to mediate disputes between parties that it knows and who know its reputation as honest and fair advocates at work (advocating honest and fair business practices).


Energy and Mining

DNC’s deep knowledge of the legal and taxation aspects of production sharing contracts (‘PSC’) and technical assistance contracts (‘TAC’) has resulted in its works for its Indonesian clients in secondary oil recovery projects, and for the United States tax authority in reviewing-determining the (tax) nature of amounts payable to the Government of Republic of Indonesia and/or Pertamina (state oil company).  DNC has also worked in the restructuring of various interests in PSCs and TACs.

DNC advocates at work’s familiarity with the applicable regulations in mining industry, including the contracts (CoW, CCoW) now mining undertaking licenses (IUPs) and the industry proves to be very valuable for its clients in dealing with the government and/or their business counterparts. DNC has played leading roles not only in Bre-X (Busang gold mine), PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC), and Churchill Mining PLC cases, but also in the acquisitions of various mining companies.



DNC advocates at work, with its deep knowledge on various aspects of Indonesian law and its creativity, works with its clients in structuring their investments in Indonesia or Indonesian assets. 

DNC advocates at work does not handle the administrative work of filing application forms and following the paperwork for regulatory approvals.  DNC advocates at work believes that this work can be done best by clients’ personnel, with minimal guidance and supervision from DNC advocates at work, resulting in more time-efficient and cost-effective ways of doing business for clients.


Intellectual Property

DNC advocates at work uses its creativity and resourcefulness, and deep knowledge of not only the laws on intellectual property but also the Criminal Code and the (civil and criminal) procedural laws, to assist its clients in dealing with pirates and counterfeiters to protect their valuable intellectual property and products. DNC advocates at work has extensive experience in planning and conducting successful major raids against major counterfeiters.

DNC advocates at work does not take clerical administration work of registering intellectual property. DNC advocates at work does assist its clients in the commercialization of their intellectual property, making sure that their contractual arrangements in the commercialization of their intellectual property in Indonesia work and are enforceable.


Advocates at work at DNC hold themselves to the highest standard of professional ethics and integrity, have unparalleled knowledge and expertise of the Indonesian law and legal system, and understand all aspects and levels of Indonesian business and society. They talk the talk and walk the walk. Advocates at work at DNC are the right people to get the right things done.


P.D.D. Dermawan

P.D.D. Dermawan is a graduate of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia (SH., 1984) and Tulane Law School, New Orleans, Louisiana (LL.M., 1989). He participated in the development lawyer training program at International Development Law Institute (IDLI, now IDLO), Rome (1988, with scholarship from USAID, Washington).

He is an advocate appointed by the Minister of Justice and a member of the Indonesian Bar Association. He has over 30 years of experience serving corporations, investment banks and financial institutions/investors in a wide variety of complex corporate finance, derivatives and structured finance matters including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, securitizations, private equity deals and complex restructuring transactions.

He also has extensive experience in structuring, developing and offering (new) structured financial products linked to equities, commodities, currencies, rates and combinations of these assets, as well as convertible-exchangeable securities, over-the-counter derivative products and swaps. He has advised clients on the tax consequences of those transactions and on managing crisis situations. He has advised and represented clients in both arbitration and court proceedings.

He is noted for his responsiveness, and his very detail-oriented and creative approach to matters.

He enjoys reading and gardening. He took aikido classes, and spends his spare time doing his favorite sports, i.e., table tennis, shooting and tai-chi.



Michael Timothy

Michael Timothy is a graduate of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Sumatera Utara (SH., 2014) majoring in Business Law.

Michael focuses his practice in dispute resolution and corporate restructuring. He distinguishes himself through his meticulous thinking, sharp analysis and logical reasoning ability. An avid debater from an early age, his passion for debating eventually led him to study law. During his undergraduate studies, he actively participated in debating and mooting competitions where he achieved numerous nationally prestigious awards. “I always enjoy intellectual pursuits, in-depth discussions and critical-thinking activities,” he said. It is these experiences that prepared him for the world of lawyering as they trained him to always think critically and not take things for granted. He quotes the philosophical statement “I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am” as his guiding principle. 

Since becoming an advocate, Michael has been exposed to a plethora of legal areas covering corporate structuring-restructuring and dispute resolution, including arbitration cases that involved multi-jurisdictional issues. In the future, he wishes to delve into and grow more expertise in international arbitration as he sees the field as a road less traveled due to its complex and challenging nature. “International arbitration requires in-depth understanding of cross border transactional issues and intertwining (sometimes conflicting) legal systems. Its level of complexity is the reason why there are only a few qualified Indonesian advocates in this field and I aspire to be the best,” he concluded with glints of excitement in his eyes.

An aficionado of sports, playing basketball, futsal, bowling, swimming and going to the gym have become the go-to activities in his leisure time.

Email : michael-advocate@work-dnc.com


Rachmi Dzikrina

Rachmi Dzikrina is a graduate of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Gadjah Mada, majoring in International Law (SH., 2014) and Master of Law program of University of Toronto, majoring in International Business Law (LL.M., 2017).

Representing Universitas Gadjah Mada in the 10th Willem C. Vis East International Commercial Arbitration Moot taught Rachmi that learning must be humbling. “No matter how well you argued, there was always a counter-argument that made you re-evaluate your arguments. There are always two sides to every argument and both can be equally supported with well-reasoned contentions,” she said. Her team was the first Indonesian University Team to receive an Honorable Mention Award for Best Memorandum for Respondent. Since then, she has developed an attitude of inquiry and a sense of curiosity to learning and knowledge. “Pride should not stop us from learning, no matter how perfect we think we are,” she said. Aspiring to develop her creative skills and out-of-the-box thinking, she decided to be an advocate, and to be an international arbitrator in the future.

Realizing that to excel in international arbitration, one must be mindful of the diverse legal traditions, Rachmi pursued her post-graduate studies in the University of Toronto to obtain a better understanding of the common law and the civil law systems.

Guided by a philosophy of “Don’t choose a firm, but a mentor. The money will always be there, but mentors won’t,” she believes that being a team member of DNCadvocates at work will support her goals and interests to keep learning and help people in need. “I don’t want to be the best, but the most valuable person. Yes, my true goal is always to better myself and everyone around me,” she emphasized.

While she is not at work, Rachmi loves watching movies, hanging out with her friends, and spending quality time with her family.

Contact :
Email : rachmi-advocate@work-dnc.com


Kathleen Cateliya

Kathleen Cateliya is a graduate of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia (SH., 2016) and currently is taking her master’s degree (M.Kn) at Universitas Pelita Harapan. 

As a communication studies enthusiast and David Ogilvy fan, Kathleen sees the advocate profession as communicators; whether through a brief, or on our feet before the judges or board of directors, we advocate a position and sell it to the audience. In a world full of advocates who are eager to speak and be heard, she believes that many can argue – but not many are able to converse and connect, which is why she believes it is essential to be a good listener instead of a loquacious talker; because communication is often about listening, especially to what is not said. 

Kathleen is known as an energetic, friendly and spontaneous person. Her ambition is simple: to be creative, to share different perspectives, and to always stay one step ahead. 

Passionate about becoming a better-than-average, if not the best, advocate, her areas of interest include corporate (re-)structuring, banking, capital markets, and foreign investment.

In her free time, Kathleen loves to channel her voice into singing, her writing skills into song writing, and her ears and eyes to enjoy theatre and art exhibitions. She believes that art and law are quite identical; finding the right key and crafting ideas into words and harmony will always be a part of how she practices law.

Contact :
Email : kathleen-advocate@work-dnc.com


Cynthia Yukiko Kataoka

Cynthia Yukiko Kataoka is a graduate from Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia, majoring in International Law (SH., 2016).

The complexity and intricacy of human relationships captivated and drove her to become an advocate. Law school taught her a lot about norms and rules. “But it never taught me how to deal in the real business,” she said. To learn how to do so and to help people along the way, she decided to join DNCadvocates at work. “I want to learn from one of the best advocates and teams,” she added. “Moreover, I want to learn to balance the personal and professional sides of life.

Her background as an Indonesian of Japanese descent influenced Yukiko in her decision to learn international law and to broaden her horizon in terms of international studies. Her areas of interest and practice include international business law and international arbitration.

Yukiko's passions include singing, traveling, and taking care of living beings around her. Currently, her best friend and companion is her Shar Pei, Max, who she adopted in 2015.

Contact :
Email : yukiko-advocate@work-dnc.com



Cindy is a graduate of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Pelita Harapan, majoring in Business Law (SH., 2017).

Law school was a life-changing experience. It taught me a lot about courage and looking at the bigger picture,” she said. “Being useful to others gives me a tremendous feeling of satisfaction. I believe that being a great advocate requires more than just knowledge - it also requires a sincere desire to help.” She stated that wanting to be a person that others could depend on is what drove her to become an advocate.

Cindy also has a keen enthusiasm for challenges. She possesses a constant will to continue honing her professional skills and knowledge, and she believes she will accomplish this by joining DNCadvocates at work. She believes in Jack Ma's advice: “When you are young, who you are working for matters more than which company you are working for.

Her areas of interest include corporate finance with a particular emphasis on future business models, such as fin-tech crowd-funding and start-up businesses. She perceives such business models as unique and believes that they are the way of the future. These are fields where she wishes to obtain more expertise in.

Compelled by her eagerness to master Mandarin (which she can speak fluently), Cindy took a one-year sabbatical leave in 2018 to further her Mandarin proficiency in Hangzhou, China.

In her personal life, Cindy retains a passionate interest in music, singing and playing piano in her spare time.

Email : cindy-advocate@work-dnc.com


M. Ghiffari

Ghiffari is a graduate from the Faculty of Law, Universitas Diponegoro, majoring in Commercial Law (SH., 2017).

Ghiffari learned that being an advocate is not simply an occupation. He perceives advocating as a "way of life," as it revolves around a challenging environment, making him a stronger person, both intellectually and mentally.

Ghiffari understands that in order to become a successful advocate, one must have deep-rooted legal knowledge, strong analytical thinking, and a great work ethic. This must be accompanied with the ability to communicate and co-operate clearly, effectively, and efficiently, both with colleagues and clients. He also understands that the delivery of valuable and feasible advice must always be tailored specifically to the client's needs. Being knowledgeable on how businesses and industries work is necessary, as legal matters will always follow the developments within both. Therefore, as a fast and constant learner, he always keeps himself updated with recent events.

Ghiffari has passed the Indonesian Bar Exam, and is currently involved in arbitration dispute cases, in line with his plans to strengthen his capabilities by practicing in dispute resolutions and corporate practice areas. 

Ghiffari’s passion for the culinary arts, travelling, and sports keep him busy, and as a social being, he believes that life is all about balance.



Febriantoro Suardy

Febriantoro Suardy is a graduate of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Pelita Harapan, majoring in Business Law (SH., 2018). Toro was an intern at Universitas Pelita Harapan’s Center for Constitutional and Anti-Corruption Studies. 

Toro believes that being an advocate is his calling, and to be a distinct one is his goal. He has the passion to make him willing to sacrifice pleasure for opportunity. “I will overcome any challenges; I am going to take down giants,” he said.

Toro is also on the path of strengthening his knowledge of legal principles by reading legal literature extensively. He plans to focus his practice in corporate and commercial law.  

Toro plans, with the resources he possesses and will possess, to contribute to society and have a positive impact on his communities.

During his free time, Toro loves reading books on self-development, as well as watching and learning from TED Talk videos.

Email : toro-advocate@work-dnc.com

Our Staff

Left To Right :
Mutiara Apendi (Staff)
Ahmad Barnaba Hisjam (Finance & Admin)
P. Inka Marisya (Staff)

Pro Bonitas

In the early 2000s, DNC and its advocates have been involved in disaster mitigation and DNC has been a regular sponsor of The Jakarta Race Series and Capella Amadeus String Concerts.

Now, DNC advocates at work focuses on serving and empowering women and children, especially children with special needs, that are disabled or that are terminally ill.

For the past two years, Yayasan DNC advocates at work has actively provided informal education for children with cancer at Rumah Cinta, a shelter house for children with cancer from across Indonesia who are undergoing treatments in Bandung. Yayasan DNC advocates at work also conducts hydroponic workshops for parents of those children giving them new knowledge on growing chemical-free vegetables for their family’s consumption and additional income.

Yayasan DNC advocates at work strives to help children reach their full potential – it took the opportunity to help a gifted adolescent girl who was born with strabismus by serving her with continuous psychological therapy and helping her to undergo corrective surgery. Yayasan DNC advocates at work is also helping a brilliant young boy who has impaired hearing to receive cochlear implants.

In another step to create opportunities for women, DNC advocates at work is proudly welcoming a profoundly deaf smart girl who recently graduated from a high school for exceptional students to work at its new office.

Why Hummingbird

Hummingbird … Majesty in Miniature.*

Hummingbirds, the smallest birds in the world, can do extraordinary things using the same building blocks found in ordinary birds. A hybrid of flesh, feather, and fireworks.

Like no other, a hummingbird can fly in multiple directions, including backward-sideways, the only birds that can hover in still air. A hovering hummingbird rotates its wings, making a figure 8 motion. The wings flap up to a hundred times per second. Their heart rate can exceed a thousand beats per minute. Its brain, relative to its body weight, is proportionally one of the largest in the animal kingdom.

A hummingbird's motion-sensing lentiformis mesencephall is larger than in other species, helps hummingbird with stabilization while hovering, and allows hummingbird to respond with more sensitivity to motion from all directions. Flying animals have a cruise control circuit in their brains to balance movement across their field of vision. Humans do it too. Hummingbirds operate under a different set of rules. They fly just as fast. They have an instinctual wariness of larger shapes that helps them avoid collisions.

Hummingbird's large hippocampus helps them remembers the location of flowers in its territory and knows when they'll refill with nectar.

* Taken from National Geographic, Flight School, July 2017 edition.

(Japanese folktale) One day a terrible forest fire broke out, and all the animals fled their homes. But one hummingbird flew to a stream, took some water in her bill, flew back, and spit out the drops on the raging fire. Back and forth she flew, carrying drops of water in her bill to try to douse the fire. The animals watched in disbelief. They asked the hummingbird what she was doing. One tiny bird would not make a difference, tiny droplets of water will do nothing to put out this fire, they said. The hummingbird replied, 'I’m doing the best I can.'

(Native American folktale) Hummingbird is associated with love and joy. Its appearance is indicative of the sheer delight of living, and of living the bliss of loving. It implies an ability to see beauty in everything and it is concerned with bringing out the best in people and the good in every situation. Hummingbird embraces the highest principles and brings the majik of the spiritual realm into earth[ly] activities …. Follow hummingbird. Be filled with joy and experience the majik of living.

(Native American symbology of Hummingbirds) - http://scottfoglesong.printandwebdesign.com/44-hummer.pdf

One of the meaning of Native American symbology of hummingbird is about experiencing joy through one's work … especially when that work is in service to others.

DNC advocates at work would like to give special thanks to the following kind people who have given DNC advocates at work permission to use their amazingly beautiful hummingbird photographs for DNC advocates at work website:

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